There are several programming projects I'm playing with. This makes for a hodge-podge of links and I don't always take the time to make cleanly installable packages. Not good of me, I know.

If you have questions, feel free to email me.

OpenSimulator August 2014

I've been a core developer for OpenSimulator and have added BulletSim which is a port of the Bullet physics engine to the OpenSimulator virtual world simulator.

I've also added variable sized regions VarRegions which are non-legacy sized regions (not 256x256).

LookingGlass July 6, 2009
LookingGlass Viewer Logo

Getting involved in C# and the OpenSimulator project, I set about writing a viewer. This got me into Ogre, C# and many other pieces of code.

The LookingGlass viewer now has it's own web site at and the sources are available in the OpenSimulator Project Forge. That place also collects bugs, features and other project management.

Dynamic loading of resources in Ogre is an artform. After wrestling with it for several weeks, I wrote up my solution in Dynamic Loading of Ogre Resources.

PlanetLab March 29, 2008

PlanetLab is a global research platform for distributed service research. Once part of the network (universities and companies join by donating computers to the network), once can create virtual machines all over the world to develop and test new concepts in wildly distributed applications.

I wrote two and run one service on PlanetLab:

Some Coding To Share July 2, 2006
X/Linux xfaces XWindows/Linux app that displays " picons" for mail in your mailbox.  Load the Picon Database and run xfaces and you will have a mailbox view way better then xbiff.  The project is now hosted at SourceForge so, get your sources and binaries is the real scoop at The Faces Project. The most recent version has been Gtk'ed and I've added POP and IMAP handling.